Friday, March 09, 2007

CWSA Season Opener Pin Shoot Tomorrow

It sure seems like it's been a long Winter, with the snow, power outages, and not a lot of range trips. Tomorrow is "Opening Day" for the CWSA shooting season, and we're hoping for a good turn out. The new larger pin shoot shelters are in place, and a fresh layer or gravel has been spread, thanks to the hard work of LouG, AKA "Mad Gun". The big tree next to the pin range has been removed, before it fell over.

In addition the the regular classes, we will be debuting the new "Big Bore Revolver" class, to see how that works out. This just might turn into one of the more popular classes!

Here's the classes slated for tomorrow's pin shoot:

Centerfire - Iron Sight

Centerfire - Optical Sight

Revolver - Any Sight

Big Bore revolver - Any Sight

Rimfire Pin Tops - Optical Sight

Rimfire Pin Tops - Iron Sight

That should make for a full day of shooting, so be ther at 9am. sharp, and get ready for some pin shootin' ! ! !



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