Saturday, March 24, 2007

CWSA "Plate" Match Tomorrow

Tomorrow morning KeeWee and I will be off to the CWSA club range at Coupeville, Washington for a handgun match, but we won't know for sure what it will be until we get there. The schedule calls for a Rimfire Hanging Plate match, which is held near the backstop berm end of the CWSA 75 yard range. If it's raining, though, since there's no weather protection at that end of the range, if it rains it gets muddy, and you end up getting soaked.

If it IS raining, we have a dry alternative. We move the match to the CWSA bowling pin range and shoot a falling plate match instead. The pin range has brand new steel roofs over the shooting stations and the spectator/competitor areas just behind the shooting stations. With the new steel falling plate targets we don't even have to come out from the weather protected areas to reset targets, as that is done with the pull of a rope.

The nature of the two types of matches is completely different. The hanging plate matches require only modest speed, but good accuracy and consistency. Falling plates, on the other hand, require a lot less accuracy, but all the shooting speed you can muster. In short, practicing for one messes you up for the other! Even shooting a pin shoot the day before a hanging plate match makes the hanging plates a lot more difficult, as you have to force yourself to slow down and be accurate.

It should prove an interesting day...........



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Knock em dead, Mr. C!


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