Saturday, February 24, 2007

Cast Performance Bullets

Cast Performance Bullets

One of the nicest aspects of being involved with shooting sports is all the really great folks you meet. In my search for the perfect bullet for the .480 Ruger, one of the bullets I tried and really liked was made by Cast Performance Bullets in Rainier, Oregon. The bullets seemed to be particularly well made and finished, and came in the heavier weights I was looking for to really send the pins flying.

The Cast PPerformance bullets are available through many of the usual sources, but being as bullets are heavy, and big .480 bullets are REALLY heavy, freight was a major factor in price. The shipment shown above, with 200 .38/180's mot shown, weighed 55 pounds! Cast Performance will also sell direct, and you can order from their website if you like. The prices are about the same, but the freight for me at least, was considerably better since they are only a hundred or so miles away.

I phoned them up to see what they had in stock and ready to ship. The gal that answered the phone transferred me over to Mike Rintoul, owner of Cast Performance Bullets and also Grizzly Cartridges. We had a nice chat, and it turns out that a few years back Mike even used to do a little pin shooting! I've since talked to Mike several times, and I've now got it on my list of things to do to stop by his place and meet up in person, maybe take a few pictures and put up a post.

If you are looking for some accurate hard cast high performace bullets that won't lead up your barrel, you might go have a look at what he's got available. If you are one of the shooters I see regularly at matches, let me know and we can put together a group order. It will save you a little bit on price and a few bucks on freight that way.

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