Thursday, December 21, 2006

AVG Anti-Virus Free Version Updates

I'm sure a lot of you have discovered AVG anti-virus software and have been using it for some time. It not only works well, but it's also free, at least, if you are using it non-commercially . In my own opinion, it's noticeably better than the two "Big Name" anti-virus company's products, and it doesn't seem to slow the computer down as much.

If you've been using AVG, you have recently been getting notices that AVG version 7.1 will no longer be supported, and if you would like, you can buy the "Pro" version as a replacement. The implication is that there will no longer be a free version. If you look around their site hard enough, you will discover that this is not the case, as there WILL be a free version of AVG version 7.5, again for non-commercial users. If you are using it in a business, you can buy the "Pro" version, and even then the price is below the competition's price structure.

OK, if there IS a free version, where exactly do I find it?

It's here.

The file you are looking for is way down at the bottom of the page and it's identified as the free version. Download that file to a folder where you know where you can find it. You can then go off-line. Go to the folder where you saved the AVG file and double click on it to launch the installer. It will ask you if you want to do a complete install, repair the current installation, or remove the program. If you don't have AVG on your computer, click on the complete install. If you DO have AVG already, click on "Repair". From there it's fairly straight-forward to complete the installation.

There you go. You can put the money you just saved towards ammo!


At Monday, December 25, 2006 6:56:00 AM, Anonymous libertynews said...

Thanks! They keep hiding it further and further in their website. I rarely run Windows anymore, but when I do I sure feel safer with AVG installed.

At Thursday, January 04, 2007 8:42:00 AM, Blogger NSC said...

This is great news as I was really peeved that AVG was doing away with the free version.


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