Sunday, September 03, 2006

CWSA Pin Shoot and Video

Well, I said I wanted to get in a lot of match practice, and boy, did I! I shot enough matches that i can't even remember exactly who I shot against or in which classes. Today was a CWSA Bowling Pin match, and I entered Optical Sight Centerfire, Revolver, Optical Sight Rimfire (two guns - two entries) and Rimfire Iron sight. Glutton for punishment, I guess!

The Taurus PT92 "Econo Race Gun" 9mm. project gun continued to show promise as I learn to shoot it, and keep searching for the perfect loads for it. I qualified third in Optical Centerfire, and won my first round matchup. In the second round I ended up against Evil Al, and the picture below shows that I actually beat him to the first pin! I had a misfire on the second shot, though, and that's what I'm doing in the picture, trying to get it cleared and get some more pins off the table. I lost the second table, but not by too much! Al is consistenty the fastest shooter in the club, so if I can keep within hailing distance, even if I lose, I figure I haven't done too badly!

Evil Al and Mr. C. shoot it out, with LouG running the timer.

I did get a chance to try the video feature on my digital camera, and it seems to work, although it came out a bit blue. There must be a color balance adjustment somewhere, but I haven't looked for it yet. Evil Al was shooting against the clock in the qualifying part, shooting his S&W revolver. The video pretty much explains itself. His time on this run was 3.23 seconds, but I've seen him shoot in the two's. It's still pretty impressive!

Believe it or not, I actually beat Al in the revolver class! Truth be known, however, he had a misfire on one table and messed up a reload on the second table. I just plugged along single-action and tried to hit something with every shot. I think I ended up third or fourth in revolver class, I was too busy getting ready for the next class that I didn't have time to check.

Rimfire Iron Sight class turned out to be the classic matchup between JimP, Mountain Man Phil, and Mr, C. We all three shoot so close to each other that you never know how it's going to turn out. This week, I got lucky, getting by Jim in the final.

By the time Rimfire Optical Sight class rolled around, I was starting to run out of gas, I think! I won my first round matchups with both my High Standard ML-106 and the Smith & Wesson 422. From there on it was becoming a blur, but i think I won a couple more, then ended up against myself and had to retire the 422 for the day to move on. I ended up against Al in the final, and although I tied him on the first table, I lost the next two. Congratulations to Al on some really good shooting. If he would have bobbled, I would have got him, but he didn't!

KeeWee qualified with some of her best times ever, putting her in fifth place in the time trials! That's the highest she's ever qualified, I think. She narrowly lost her first round match, but it was a loss to JimP who's a darn good shooter, and she was right on his heels all the way. She did good!

We all had a good time, and I did just what I wanted to do, get in a lot of "In Match" shooting and push my limits a bit.

No more pin shoots on the schedule for a few weeks, but next Thursday is the second qualifier match for the CWSA four man team for the Inter-club challenge match. In the first qualifier my times weren't all that good, so I need to get to the range and practice a bit between now and Thursday, otherwise there's a good chance of getting bumped from the team.

I think I also need a nap............


At Tuesday, September 05, 2006 12:18:00 PM, Blogger MadGunn said...

Sheeeeeeeeeesh ! Even tho' I was timing it it's still AWESOME to watch AlL. at play!


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