Thursday, June 29, 2006

Breaking Carnival of Cordite News

Gullyborg, over at Resistance is Futile, has put on most of the weekly Carnival of Cordites for the last year, and is ready to take a break. He and I had been discussing how I could step in and help keep the show on the road, so to speak, possibly as a co-host, trading off the hosting, and each of us doing about half of them. It's a lot more work than you'd think, putting a Carnival together, and I can certainly understand his fatigue.

I have agreed to host this week's Carnival of Cordite.

The following two weeks I will be in alaska and will only have limited computer and internet access, so I won't be able to host those two carnivals, but I think we've got that covered, I hope! I will then be able to do the Carnival the following week, unless, of course, Gullyborg feels like doing one, but that's up to him. For now, he needs a break.

I realize that this is really late notice, but if any of you have any submissions you want in this week's Carnival, please send them directly to me at

B L O G (at) W H I D B E Y (dot) C O M

Be sure to put Carnival of Cordite Submission in the email title so I get it sorted into the correct mail folder.

If you can add a couple of sentences that describe the subject of the post that I can use when putting the Carnival together, that would be helpful.

I need them here no later than tomorrow morning 10am PST. I will do my best to get the Carnival together and have it posted by tomorrow night.

Thanks to all, and I'll do my best to make you proud!


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