Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Blogger Blastorama

What's going on next Saturday morning?

If you're in Western Washington, hopefully you will find the time to join the AnalogKid of Random Nuclear Strikes, Mr. Completely, and any other bloggers, readers, lurkers, and anyone interested in shooting, (novice or not) who may show up at Sam's Gun Range just off of Highway 99 in South Everett, Washington for the Blogger Blastorama.

We will also be meeting for breakfast at IHOP, just over a mile North of the range. If you can't make it to the breakfast, then just swing by the range around 10 am. and ask about the bloggers. They'll point you in the right direction. I'm guessing breakfast will be somewhere around 9am.

I’ll drag along an assortment of bowling pin/plate race guns, and the Hi Point 9mm. Carbine for anyone wanting to see how it shoots first hand.

For more info, and maps to both the range and the IHOP restaurant, here's AK's post.

You DO NOT have to be a blogger to attend, just someone interested in shooting, eating, and swapping yarns with other shooters and bloggers!

Hope to see you all there!!!


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