Friday, November 25, 2005

George Best -- R.I.P.

Georgie Best, considered as one of the best football (soccer) players of all time, died this morning in a London hospital due to complications related to a lung infection and liver problems.

Normally this wouldn't be a story I would report here, but having seen him play, it seems appropriate.

George was at his peak in the 60's. I was at a Bed and Breakfast in Inverness, Scotland in the late 60's and watched him play on the "telly". It was an international match, George was playing for his native Ireland, and I've long since forgotten the opponent.

George took the ball at mid-field and dribbled past three or four defenders, leaving them all on the ground, then dribbled AROUND the goalie to take an easy tap-in into an open goal. They re-played it on the TV several times, and it was absolutley amazing to watch.

Even for someone who knew very little about the game, it was obvious that I was watching a most amazing athlete.

Many years later Georgie played for the Los Angeles Aztecs in the North American Soccer League. I had front row seats in the Seattle Kingdome when LA came to town.

Except for occasional brief flashes of brilliance, it was obvious that the playboy life style and alcoholism had taken it's toll..........


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