Saturday, July 09, 2005

Off to the range - Somebody's gotta do it........

AnalogKid ( from Random Nuclear Strikes), KeeWee, and I are off to breakfast tomorrow morning, then to the Central Whidbey Sportsman's range for some pin shooting, and some rifle stuff too.

I understand AK is bringing along his "Boomershooter" rifle. I'm looking forward to seeing it "up close and personal".

We will also get some more of the details ironed out for the upcoming postal match series. Lots of good things happening on this.

There will be a full report, photos, and the latest postal match news, all on Monday.

No matches for KeeWee and I this weekend or next, but the following we've got one in Coupeville, Washington on Saturday, and one the next morning in Missoula, Montana. That's somewhere between ten and eleven hours of driving Saturday night and Sunday morning to get there.

They may have to wake me up when I'm supposed to shoot.........


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