Sunday, July 03, 2005

Dingin' the dishes.......

Some of the shooters waitng their turns and watching the shooting

Keewee and I just got back from the Coupeville plate shoot, cooked up a mess of hot dogs, pigged out, and conked out for an afternoon nap! Now that I'm somewhat awake, here's the after action report:

The weather was absolutely beautiful, with fluffy clouds and blue sky, gentle breezes, and temperature in the upper seventies. A number of us Washington native "dark-damp-gloom-drizzle" weather types were complaining about it being so bright that it was hard to see the red dot, and yes, it really was!!

Phil, Jim, and Mr. Completely were at it again, picking on each other mercilessly, and LouG wasn't much help either. It's kinda embarassing seeing grown-ups carry on like that, especially when you happen to be one of them! As I've said before, there's lots of folks who shoot better than we do, but NOBODY has more fun at it!

The iron sight class was really hotly contested, with Al winning it by only one plate, and a three way tie for second place right behind Al. Mr. Completely had TWO mis-fires in the same round, and lost a number of points, resulting in third place. Why can't it be the SIXTH round that mis-fires, instead of the first or second?

The optical class went a little smoother for Mr. Completely, managing to rattle a few more plates than Pegi, who ended up second. Yes, THAT Pegi, first year shooter, shot a few pin matches, a few plate matches, and is getting better WAY too fast.

Yep, we just gotta have a ladies class, seems to me!

Pegi's better half is serving our country on an Island out in the Indian Ocean and is able to follow Mr. Completely's blog, so Keewee and I want to wish all of you out on Diego Garcia a "Happy Fourth of July!", and if you get the chance, feel free to leave a comment in the comment thingy below on the right.

Fellowship, fun, gunpowder, handguns, hotdogs, and tonight we'll watch the fireworks displays. What a day!!


At Monday, July 04, 2005 9:03:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Pegi, your shooting skills are coming along in leaps and bounds. The guys are getting nervous, WAY TO GO GIRL !!!!


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