Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The big campaign map

Over at Varifrank's there's a good post comparing 2001 with 2005 in terms of the status and influence of islamic fascism. If you are getting fed up with the MSM not reporting any of the good news, head over and read the full article. I guarantee you'll feel better........

Here's a few excerpts from his well written post:

'Theres actually lots of good news. Lets look back at bit and see where we are on the "big campaign map" on the war on islamic fascism."

"With the exception of the cowardly government of Spain, Al-queda has had no effect on changing the policies of the west. Democracy, anathema to al-queda is now spreading like a wildfire on the prairie. Where once al-queda found a culture that looked on their ideas as virtuous, they are increasingly seen only as the killers of Muslim children."

"We are clearly winning this war. However the western press and its desire to paint history in its own dark twisted vision of self loathing and disaster will simply not allow any good news to be painted as such, lest the "evil George W. Bush" get credit for changing the world for the better."

You can read the full post here. It's worth having a look.


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