Saturday, June 25, 2005

Wake Up Arabs! America is Not the Enemy!

There's a really excellent article by By Nadine Al-Baydar (A Saudi writer), over at Watching . If you've never checked out Watching America, it's english translations of news articles from all over the world. There's a whole lot of Anti-American stuff over there, but not all of it.

Here's a couple of excerpts from her article:
"Did the Arabs lift a finger to help the people of Kosovo when they were suffering from Serbian persecution? They gathered a few donations, but it was America who saved Kosovo. The Arabs did nothing to aid the women of Afghanistan when they were forbidden an education, and when the Afghani people were robbed of the chance for a normal life. America had to come in and rid the region of the backward Taliban regime.

The fear that the Arabs had for the prestige of their governments was more important to them than the injustices that the Iraqis were living under. Not one Arab government condemned the Halabja massacre and the Iraqi loss of life. It was America, and only America, who toppled Saddam’s regime, while the Arabs stood by denouncing the American intervention in Iraq.

Many Arabs and Muslims view America as evil. They curse America and hurl insults at it. Some even bomb it and terrorize it. But America doesn’t have the time to curse back; it is too busy finishing the job it came to do in the Middle East. "

"While Americans are out saving Arabs from themselves and building a better life through knowledge and hard work, all Arab nations can do, either due to 'stupidity or the lack of brains altogether,' is complain of an, 'American Zionist conspiracy' that aims to destroy their nonexistent power."
Here's the whole article: Wake Up Arabs! America is Not the Enemy!

Grab a cup of coffee and go have a read. It'll give you a refreshing perspective on the Arab situation, particularly in contrast to the main stream media............


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