Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Thanks, Kim!

Probably the one single person who has done more to improve my handgun shooting is Kim Gorham. I was shooting OK, but only OK. I just couldn't seem to get any better. I had just timed in at a pin shoot, and my times were nothing special. I had asked Kim if she saw anything I could do to improve my shooting, and any constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated.

"You got five minutes?" she says. "Sure". "OK, grab your pistol and lets go for a walk out to the parking lot. ", I grabbed my Hi Standard race gun, and out to the parking lot we went.

Inside of five minutes she had made some minor changes in my grip and my stance, but more importantly, in my mental attitude towards head-to-head competitive shooting.

She explained that you can't approach head-to-head competition with a zen-like clinical mind set. You have to be agressive, you have to go after those pins. Your adrenalin meter is way over FULL, and you need to put that to work for you. "When you look at those pins, you go GGGRRRRRRRR!!!! ".

This from one of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet!

It kinda reminded me of a high school football coach's half-time "Win one for the Gipper" sort of pep talk. But you know what, she was absolutely right.

I'm usually pretty firm about not changing things in the middle of a competition, but I figured "What the hell, it's not working the way it is, so let's go for it." I moved my stance around a bit, re-adjusted my grip, and most importantly, took a whole new attitude up to the firing line.

Won my first round match, and also the second round too, as I remember. Then I came up against Kim. Walking up to the line, Kim smiles sweetly and says "Remember, you always have to be kind to little old ladies!"

Maybe in the movies I would have won, but not this time. She kicked my butt.

Anyhow, Kim has a small business making mesh bags for shooter's brass, and for other uses too, I'd guess. If you have a minute, go over to her website and have a look. It's here. Even if you don't need a brass bag, be sure to click on "About Us" for a good picture of Kim and a short bio.

Thanks, Kim.............


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