Sunday, May 15, 2005

Going postal with my Winchester 62A

Drug out my old 22 rifle for Neanderpundit's May 7th. postal match. A Winchester 62A I bought when I was a freshman in high school. One of the nicest looking 22 rifles ever made. Used to use it to keep the rabbit population under control on the farm. Also used to be able to cut the stems on pine cones hanging in the tree with it. Couldn't shoot as well as my buddy, however. He used to shoot bats out of the air with his 22. Even then I couldn't even see the dang bats at dusk, and he was shooting them down on the wing! Never did hit one. Tried, though.....

Sure can't shoot like that today! That was roughly 45 years ago, and the eyes and coordination just aren't what they used to be! Today at 25 yards I could barely see the black dots, and couldn't see the rings at all. Had to use reading glasses so I could see the front sight, the rear was only a blur. I just mentally divided the paper into quadrants, and aimed for where I hoped the bull might be.

The 62A is still a sweet rifle. I'd forgotten just how much fun it is to shoot. It's still 100% original. No bull barrel, no target trigger, no custom stock, or any of that other fancy stuff. Truly a joy to shoot.........


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