Wednesday, March 17, 2010

European Steel Championship News

I've been watching the airfares every day for the last month or so, and they haven't budged a nickel in that time. Today the flights dropped almost $200, so I bought the  tickets to Amsterdam. Compared to last year's cost of $611 per ticket, this year's price of approximately $1,100 per ticket is still a lot.

Thanks to unsolicited pledges from several readers and bloggers we have raised $750 towards the trip, and to those of you who have offered to help, you have no idea just how much we appreciate it. The total cost of the  trip is estimated to be somewhat over $3,500, and we will cut corners wherever we can to keep the cost down as much as we can. I had hoped for a little help from a particular barrel manufacturer and a particular  .22 pistol manufacturer, but no luck. We are just thankful for what help we get, and we promise to represent the US of A in a positive manner.

My goal is to finish in the top five in rimfire open, and if I keep practicing every day and have a few breaks go my way in Holland, it's a possibility. Not promising  anything but to do the best I can, however!

I've received emails from some of the folks we met last year, looking forward to seeing us again. The feeling is mutual, as it was one of the nicest groups of folks you could ever want to meet.

I've got to keep focused on practice, and on preparation for the Man of Steel Championship coming up  in early May on Oregon. That's only about ten days before we leave for Holland, so let's hope everything runs OK and nothing breaks!

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At Thursday, April 15, 2010 8:44:00 PM, Anonymous Davidwhitewolf said...

Cool! I'll get you my check right after we get back from Boomershoot.


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