Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mandatory Volunteerism = Slavery ?

Don't take my word for it, go check out HR 1388 "The GIVE Act" for yourself. Oh, it's already passed in the House, so all it needs is the Senate to pass it, and a signature, then it's the law.

I wonder if you have to buy your own brown shirts, or if they are provided?

This is not good.............

Found At Major Chuck's place


At Thursday, March 26, 2009 6:41:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps it is just my Southern sensibilities, but isn't that called forced servitude or slave labor?

And isn't there an Amendment that prevents that,perhaps the 13th Amendment by chance,just saying is all.

At Thursday, March 26, 2009 5:46:00 PM, Blogger Billll said...

I understand the uniforms are provided. I suppose that an armband with the party logo will be included.

At Monday, March 30, 2009 11:23:00 AM, Anonymous Windy Wilson said...

Even Ernst Rohmer didn't make membership compulsory.
And, IIRC you bought your uniform but the price was subsidized
(sometimes it pays to have had a Grand-uncle who was a black sheep).


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