Saturday, July 19, 2008

Off To Puyallup

When I was at the KRRC Fun Steel match last weekend Rob P. mentioned that they shoot a steel match at Puyallup on the 3rd. Sunday of the month and that it's a good bunch of folks that run it. (BTW, it's pronounced Pyew - Al - Up" with the emphasis on the "Al" part)

Wayne F. and I are off at 0-dark-whatever tomorrow morning to head to Puyallup and check it out. KeeWee's taking the day off, so to speak, to kick back a bit before the next weekend, which will be a busy one. Thursday evening we are taking the RV and heading for Coeur D'Alene, Idaho for Saturday's Eddie Brown Memorial Steel Challenge match on Saturday. We figure to get through The Everett-Bellevue I-405 traffic by going through that area in the evening. We will probably stop somewhere around Moses lake for the night, then head the rest of the way to Idaho on Friday, and spend Friday night at the range. Saturday I'll shoot the Steel match with KeeWee as pit crew, so to speak.

After the match we'll drive another two and a half hours or so to Missoula, Montana for the Montana Shooting Sports Celebrity Bowling Pin shoot to help raise money for Montana legislative activities. If we get there in time I'll head out to the range and help them set up the pin tables and get ready for Sunday. Hopefully we'll at least be there in time for pizza with Gary, Ty, and whoever else is around. There's a McKenzie River Pizza place in Missoula that has really good pizza. Sunday afternoon after the match we'll drive back as far as we can, then spend the night at a rest area. We'll drive the rest of the way home on Monday, timing it so we so we miss the rush hour traffic.

That's next weekend, however, so I better get some sleep so I don't doze off tomorrow in Puyallup!


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