Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Banks Lake Weekend - Part 1

KeeWee and I decided to take the longer but much more scenic North Cascades highway route to Banks Lake for two reasons. First, it's absolutely beautiful scenery, and second, we could get off of Whidbey Island at the North end by crossing the Deception Pass bridge, which saves us forty or fifty dollars of ferry fare each way. Since I was driving I didn't take any pictures, but KeeWee had her camera at hand and took some nice pictures along the way. For more of her pictures from the trip check out her blog post HERE. There was still a lot of snow in the passes, far more than would normally have been there for this time of the year.

Snow along the North Cascades Highway.

Mr. C. hard at work filleting a perch for dinner.

Wayne demonstrates the "FA 4000" chair, while Mr. C. eats......

Potluck dinner, with Banks lake in the background.

Saturday, before the potluck dinner, several of us went to the custom car and hotrod show at the city park a couple of miles up the lake. I got lots of good pictures, and those will be in a follow up post in a few days.

Saturday afternoon was one of the highlights of the weekend, although there were many, the potluck dinner. This club doesn't always catch fish, but they sure do know how to cook.

After the potluck the wind was cooperative, and I got out on the water for some evening fishing. It turned out with the wind storm and high lake levels fishing was very inconsistent, sometimes hot, and sometimes dead. Like the saying goes, though, you should never confuse fishing with catching. You can have a great time fishing, and not catch a thing. Catching fish is just a bonus!

The folks that run Coulee Playland resort were just great and treated us like family. The campsites were good sized, and for those not camping or RV'ing it, there was a big motel right on the lake next door.

It was a grand weekend in spite of the long drive each way. I wish we could have stayed a week!


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