Friday, October 26, 2007

Reno Automobile museum

While we were in Reno ,we decided to go have a look at thew Reno Automobile museum. Bill Harrah used to have a huge automobile museum in Reno, but when it was going to be sold off, a non-profit group formed to save as much of the collection as possible and keep it in Reno. They've done an admirable job.

This trike was on display in the lobby.

The workmanship on absolutely everything was amazing. I'm sure that some of the cars were actually "Over Restored" and were in far better condition than when they were new.

Big Daddy Roth's original Beatnik Bandit.

Engines don't get much better looking than that!

This engine was probably done by one of Big Daddy's great great grandfathers!

Here's a Renault in beautiful condition.

There were rows and rows of immaculately restored cars, bikes, off road vehicles, racers, salt flats machines, go carts, and more. I could have wandered around in there for an entire day.

A Gas Station on wheels.

There were more antique cars than you could even imagine. Some of them were even prototypes, and were the only one ever built.

The displays boggled the mind.

One of the babes we met sitting in the antique car.

JimmyB and I chatted up a couple of cuties while we were there. You could put on authentic coats and hats, climb into one of the cars there, and take pictures.

Mrs. JimmyB. smiles for the camera.

If you are ever in Reno and have a little time, be sure to go check out this automobile museum. You won't regret it!!



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