Tuesday, October 10, 2006

GBR - First After Action Reports

Gun Blogger Rendezvous One has come to a close ,and by now all of the attendees have most likely arrived back home. KeeWee and I got in late last night, and are pretty much worn out from all the fun! We've got lots of pictures and stories for your enjoyment, and we'll be getting them posted over the next few days as time permits.

US Citizen from Traction Control one-upman-shipped us all by having his Verizon wireless equipped laptop on the firing line on one of the shooting benches, and was live blogging directly from the firing line! How cool is that!

The first prize in the drawing at the Gun Blogger Rendezvous dinner was a Hi Point 9mm. pistol, and the lucky winner was Rivrdog. When he found out that he had won, he handed the winning ticket to Dan McKown, letting Dan win the free handgun. Very cool for a guy that persists in calling me a "Gizmo Gunny!"

Joe Huffman from The View From North Central Idaho and Boomershoot, has a partial list of some of the attendees and some of their posts on the Rendezvous, which I have "Borrowed" from his site, and I've added a little bit to the list below:

Be sure to read the comments to the posts as there is even more info on the event.

More later.........


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