Tuesday, November 08, 2005

e-Postal Handgun Match #4 - "Seein' Spots" Reminder

The e-Postal Handgun Match #4 - "Seein' Spots" closes at midnight, November 21st., so you only have two weekends left to get out and shoot some targets.

There is a class for just about any hand gun you've got, so drag out a bunch of those that you haven't shot recently and go for it! You can even enter with a pellet pistol or BB handgun!

The target is one that requires a little strategy to figure out how to give yourself the best chance for a good score, so it's not just a "shoot at the middle" sort of a challenge. You may even change strategy in mid-target, depending on how you are doing!

Click here to read the full rules, and to download the targets.

Be safe, have fun, shoot everything you own!!


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